In 1981, under the then guild master craftsman Wolfgang Kern’s guidance, some building contractors gathered in order to found a buying syndicate. An independent enterprise with the turnover of € 100 m was born out of this idea. Presently, the enterprise consists of 33 business associations.
In 2001 it was resolved to co-operate even more closely and enhance the qualifications of the employees. It gave rise to a personnel development scheme, which apart from professional-oriented lecturing, also offers corporate development training. This leads to strengthening the position of the 33 enterprises in the market and allows for professionally competent implementation of construction projects.
As a trainer in the subject of green energy, I found the staff members of these companies inquisitive, committed and highly motivated. I would like to thank for an amazing cooperation in particular Mag. Margit Bencic, who always takes up and implements my most eccentric ideas.