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Passive House Institute

Passive House Institute in Darmstad was founded by Mr Wolfgang Feist PhD., a pioneer in the area of passive houses. Mr Feist accomplished the first passive house projects in Darmstadt already 20 years ago. Long years of testing methods and continuous adjusting of minor criteria let a passive house enter the construction stage.
He did not wait long for the support of DI Helmut Krapmaier from the Energy Institute in Vorarlberg, who contributed a great deal of expertise and creativity. Vorarlberg is the world market leader in the area of passive house architecture, what is noticeable not only in the lowest heating costs, but also in the sensational architectural design of the buildings.
Mr Krapmaier was the supervisor of my diploma thesis entitled “Passive House – the House of the Future?” and offering his advice, he assisted me in the successful completion of the work.
Each year the Passive House Institute holds a passive house congress, which offers the opportunity of meeting experts in this field and exchanging the knowledge with them.