Plan Drawing & Approval

Plan drawing is a very creative and individual activity; everyone has their own approach to planning and this is the most important part of the project. No other phase of a building process has more influence on
- the appearance of your house
- well being and comfort factors
- costs of the project.
I realise your house dream not only through the three points, but I continuously focus on sustainability and future guarantee. Active and passive solar building components also belong to the plan concept so that they do not induce any interfering effects, but complete the architectural image of your house.
Feasibility in terms of building regulations, your preferences regarding building materials and architectural style are taken into account.
Due to the modern CAD technology, a three dimensional plan of your house will be available for you. Computer generated visuals give you the possibility of viewing the architectural details of the plan. Apart from that, you can also invite your friends to have a look at it with you on your computer or just have an access to the project in order to reconsider it any time you wish.