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Invitation to Tender

INVITATION TO TENDER is an essential component of a cost-effective project management. In this case it is not crucial to record possibly all construction trades, but to provide possibly complete and detailed description of the main construction trades so that all the building contractors concerned know already in the offer phase what actions are to be taken in the implementation of your project. Consequently, no additional claims and room for interpretation will emerge in the future. A clear definition of materials with respect to solvent-free and zero emission substances is also to be considered.
Construction services which are generally determined by regularised market prices are assigned not only according to cost, but particularly to quality criteria. These are, for instance, plaster and façade work, screed topping, floor layer and painter’s work. Implementation of the trades making for surface finishing is always viewable for you. This method of awarding contracts therefore allows for the most satisfying results.
In the course of our meeting regarding the order placement, the best bidder will be identified and assigned to execute the order. In this connection customary legal and generally required terms of a construction contract will be established to assure a friction free completion of building work.